Number 6 One-Stop Shop

Number 6 is a service for adults (16 and over) with High Functioning Autism (HFA) or Asperger Syndrome (AS) who live in the Lothians and the Borders. The service is provided by Autism Initiatives UK and was officially launched in June 2005, with the opening of the Number 6 One-Stop Shop.

There are now three distinctive strands within Number 6:
One-Stop Shop (providing free social opportunities and 1-1 advice and support on a range of issues);
Outreach (funded packages of 1-1 support);

Anyone interested in using the services at Number 6 should book an appointment to meet with a member of staff, who will give you a brief induction to the resources available.


Latest News



We have decided to revisit our favourite cafe....Cafe on the Corner. Please meet at Number 6 at 12noon.


One of the Number 6 Volunteers, Kevin, is conducting a short bit of research into online accessibility with people who have a diagnosis of Autism without a learning disability.

Kevin is looking to meet with anyone interested in his research on either Monday 24th August or Tuesday 24th August at Hill Street.

Kevin is particularly interested in speaking to people who:

Access the internet regularly using either a computer, tablet, phone or similar device.

Use websites and apps for a variety of activities, such as socialising, finding out information, entertainment, games, sport etc.

May have had difficulty or issues with particular sites of apps.

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the above research please contact either Stew or Kim for more details.

New Research Projects

There are two new research projects that have been added to our Research page. Click on the Research tab on the left of this page.

Do you know that Number 6 runs a Music Group twice a month?

Please read on if you would like to know more information about the group.

Music Group Monday 3rd August 2015 - Percussion / Vocals, Last month we jammed along on a 12 bar riff using E and A with guitars and keyboard with 4/4 time using percussion and electronic drums. Together we achieved a good melody and rhythm combo. This month we shall percussion and sing along to a selection of favourite tracks.

Music Group Monday 17th August 2015 - Making music/Guitar taster sessions, Last month we practiced a pop song using G and A minor chords. This was supported with a solid drum beat by one of the group which kept us all in time. After a few rehearsals we then did some recording, after which we reviewed our progress. This month we will continue working on the same chords while introducing some additional ones to expand the song.

New members are welcome in both groups, so feel free to come along and join in.


We have now made a research page on here which we will update regularly with new projects that are starting.

Understanding and Working with Adults with Asperger Syndrome Course

This course is for NHS and local authority professionals from Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders regions who have a direct involvement with Adults with Asperger Syndrome, including Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Therapists, Nurses, Social Workers.

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