Coronavirus Resources

Current Guidelines for Using Hill Street


We will only have one group running at a time, as well as one 1-1 session;


We are still unable to provide a drop-in service at the moment;


We will have hand sanitiser available on each floor of Hill Street, and you should use the one at reception when you first arrive (if you are sensitive to the sanitiser, you can wash your hands in the sink instead);


The inner door will be locked, but the member of staff running your group or seeing you for a 1-1 will open the door for you and will also keep a register of who is in the building, so you will not need to sign in;


We will not be available for people to drop in to Hill Street unless they have an appointment. If you turn up without an appointment (or very early for your group or 1-1), it is likely that any staff in the building will be in an appointment and nobody will be available to let you in;


The downstairs toilet will be for the use of people accessing the training room or art room, and for staff working at reception. The upstairs toilet will be for the use of people accessing the second floor for a 1-1 appointment and for staff working in the office;


Mats will be placed in the training room to highlight where seating is at least two metres apart;


Staff are required to wear a face mask when moving around the building, but will be able to  remove that when they are seated, as the seating will be at least two metres from anyone else. We recommend that you also wear a face covering at Hill Street when not seated in your group/1-1. Please discuss with us beforehand if this will be difficult for you;  


The kitchen at Hill Street will be closed. Water will be available, but if you want to have a tea or  coffee whilst in your group/1-1, you will need to bring that with you;


Staff will wipe down surfaces in the room used and the stairways and toilets after each group/1-1.

Emergency and Useful Numbers/Information


For Emergency, Local and Listening Services Click Here


NHS Inform. Latest guidance about Coronavirus from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government Click Here


City of Edinburgh Council Information Click Here


West Lothian Council Information Click Here


Midlothian Council Information Click Here


East Lothian Council Information Click Here>


Musselburgh Community Council Coronavirus Information Click Here

Benefits and Financial Advice


Finances, Employment and Housing Need to Knows Click Here


Financial Help and Rights Click Here


Universal Credit Click Here Or Here


Mental Health Support


Health in Mind Click Here


Calm - online meditation Click Here


NHS App Library Click Here




Chatter Pack - A list of free, online, boredum-busting resources Click Here


Other things to remember


Try to keep some sort of routine in your day by:

Regular sleep pattern. Now is your chance to get the recommended 8 hours per day.

Getting washed and dressed as if you are going out.

Some form of exercise routine, however small.

Eat and drink regularly, smaller and varied meals. Now is your time to learn to cook fresh food and try a new recipe once a week.

Clean your home. However, not all at once. One cupboard at a time, one small area at a time. You could try 30 minutes per day.

If you live with people try to build in me time for everyone. Try to have at least an hour of no contact.