Current Research Projects

Bilingualism Research Project

Bérengère Digard, a PhD student from the University of Edinburgh has reached out to us to help her with her research project. She is interested in the relationship between bilingualism and the autism spectrum; you can read more about her research on her webpage Click Here

She just released an online survey, the ABC - Autism and Bilingualism Census, designed for any adults (over 16 years-old) on the autism spectrum, monolinguals and multilinguals alike. If you wish to help her by taking part in her project, you simply have to follow the link below. Completing the survey should take you between 10 and 15 minutes, maybe a bit more if you speak more than 2 languages.

Here is the link to the survey: Click Here

The dating experiences of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

My name is Hannah Murray, I am currently a postgraduate Masters student studying Autism under the supervision of Dr Anna Robinson. My specific area of interest so far has been focused on Autism and sexuality, something which I aim to explore further in my current study, more specifically focused on the dating experiences of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS).

Please follow this link to find out more information about the study: Click Here

Please follow this link to download the participant information sheet: Click Here

Sexuality, Autism, and Young People- Families study (SAY-Families)

The SAY-Families team is researchers at Bangor University, the University of Warwick and the University of Glasgow. We are carrying out the SAY-Families study to find out parents’ views and experiences around their child’s sexual understanding and interest. The developing sexuality of young people with autism has not been given a great deal of research attention, yet it is a part of growing up for all young people. It is hoped that the information gathered in this study will help us design materials to support young people and their families.

Please follow this link to find out more information: Click Here

Autism Network Scotland Survey

Autism Network Scotland are currently conducting a survey of autistic people, their families and carers to find out about their awareness and interactions with the Scottish Strategy for Autism and its accompanying website and newsletters.

Please follow this link to find out more information and complete the survey: Click Here

Relationship between anxiety, sensory processing and uncertainty

Kathryn is looking for adults (18+) with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who have access to the internet and are able to complete an online 20-30 minute questionnaire independently.

This study is designed to learn the relationship between anxiety, sensory processing abnormalities and intolerance of uncertainty in a population of adults with ASD.

Click on the link to be taken to the questionnaire Click Here

Research is being conducted by Kathryn Flatley ( with collaborative supervision from Dr Ashley Robertson (

Research into Percieving Personality through Tones of Voice in ASD

For more information about this study Click Here

Research into Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety

For more information about this study Click Here

Volunteers needed for research project on repetitive behaviour and imagination in autism

For more information about this study Click Here

Asperger Syndrome and Employment Research

I am currently conducting masters research on "Asperger's Syndrome (hereafter "AS") and Employment. I have to date interviewed representatives from a number of organisations in the central belt (thanks) and I have some more interviews to conduct.

As part of this project, an online questionnaire has been set up to provide the opportunity for individuals with a diagnosis of AS (or similar) to record their experiences of unemployment, employment and education. I am writing to ask you to promote this online questionnaire amongst your members (by asking them to complete it where appropriate and also to cascade it to the users of their services). The link for the questionnaire is


I have also registered on Twitter as "@autruistic" to promote this study, and would appreciate it if people could follow me on that account for the same purposes: Twitter

Thanks for your help. Regards, John Currie.

STUDY - Investigating the experience of university life of students with autism (you must have attended university for at least one year)

'My name is Sarah Ashford-Smith and I am a 4th year Psychology student at Heriot Watt University. I am inviting you to take part in a study I am carrying out which is investigating the experience of university life of students with autism and students who have developed typically, attending UK based universities.

The study uses a questionnaire which includes; information about yourself, how you spend your time at university, your application to university, your adjustment to university life, your experience of lectures, the support at your university and how you feel about your course. The student experience questionnaire has 7 sections and you will be asked to complete 3 additional short questionnaires to control for mood and personality characteristics.

The study will take approximately 70 minutes to complete and there will be an option on the online survey to save it so that you can return to complete it as I recognise that this survey may take some time. Participants can be of any age and gender and we are looking for English speakers/readers.

You also do not need to have a particular type of diagnosis of autism. The only request is that you have attended university for at least one year. If you would like to take part in my study please email me on: or if you would like to contact my supervisor with any questions, instead of myself, then please email Dr Mel McKendrick:


Research is being undertaken into autism and anxiety. The link below is for a short survey, which asks questions about the impact of anxiety and what, if anything, has helped people with autism to manage their anxiety. If you are, or have been, affected by anxiety, and you want to take part, then click the link below. If you want to discuss this further before getting involved, then you can email or call Matthew Day - 0131 220 1075 or